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Where are Cade Aquariums Made?

At Aquatic Reef Design, we’re experienced in all things saltwater fish and reefs, and we have expert level knowledge about the best tanks on the market. It’s why the only tank we carry is Cade. Cade Aquariums are high-quality tanks that will keep your fish and corals happy in their environment, using crystal clear glass and a water management system that keeps everything balanced and healthy.

Manufactured in Australia

Cade Aquariums are made in Australia and distributed throughout the U.S. by a number of authorized dealers, including our own Aquatic Reef Design in Ocala, FL. Online Cade Aquarium orders from our site are delivered to you

Cade Aquarium Highlights

Cade has perfected its process for designing and manufacturing fish tanks to create a quality reef aquarium experience. Cade Aquariums come in a range of standard sizes, but they can be custom designed, too. Incredibly clear glass combines with a water management system that keeps the tank balanced for its inhabitants, and aquarium cabinets efficiently house all aquarium mechanics like sump filters and more. All hardware is saltwater proof, too, so your tank lasts a lifetime.

Whether you need simple or custom design and installation, our team is here to support you from purchase to installation and beyond.

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