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What is the best tank size for a starter aquarium?

So, you’re interested in starting an aquarium. Where do you start? There’s lots of things to consider, and looking at more exciting things like accessories and fish can be on the forefront of your mind. However, getting the right tank is vital to the success of the aquarium experience. There are lots of misconceptions about the perfect tank size for beginners, so we’re going to help you make the right choice for your newest hobby!

Most people think that since you’re just getting started, a smaller tank is a better choice. They assume that it will require less maintenance and will be easier to monitor and keep up with. However, this is not the case! Starting with a larger tank is a much better option for beginners. A good starter tank is usually around 5 gallons, but getting a larger tank that is upwards of 20 gallons can be even better! Make sure your tank is large enough for comfort but not so large that cleaning and servicing becomes difficult.

Why would you want a larger tank if you’re just getting started? It’s all about ecosystem stability. In a smaller tank, any small change can make a large impact within the tank. A smaller amount of water is more susceptible to changes in temperature, salinity, and pH and therefore are more difficult to keep in a consistent state. Larger tanks aren’t as susceptible to these changes and therefore they are easier to keep in constant healthy conditions.

Of course, your tank is really dependent on the fish within it. If you plan on buying and keeping smaller fish, than a smaller fish tank will suffice, even if you’re a beginner. However, if you plan on buying bigger fish, you’ll need a bigger tank. These are essentially equivalent in terms of difficulty, so you can just make decisions based on preference. Just make sure you get the appropriate tank size for your fish!

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