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Vermetid Snails

Name: Vermetid Snails

Pest Type: Snails

Scientific Name: Vermetidae

Treatment: The best way to remove the snails are to pull out the rock or infested corals so you can remove them manually and not have them decay in the tank.

Identification: This family of snails is very recognizable and can be easily identified amongst a crowd of other families. This is mainly due to their worm-like appearance, which we have already alluded to. They don’t have the classic coiled shell that might come to mind when you think of snails, or at least adults don’t. A Vermetid snail’s shell becomes uncoiled in their late post-larval stages, leaving a long and tubular shape.

Prevention: Quarantining is the best prevention method. Anything that you buy for your tank that may have come into contact with biological material should be kept separately for a while.