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How often does my aquarium need to be serviced?

Owning an aquarium can be a big task, and one that most people go into without a lot of background knowledge. Picking out an aquarium is one thing, but after the process comes cleaning, repairs, and constant servicing. But, how frequently should your aquarium be serviced? Well, we’re here to answer that question and help you maintain your aquarium to the best of your ability! 

This question has no exact answer, but there are some recommendations from experts on how frequently you should service your aquarium. Most experts will say that two weeks is a good period of time between services. This gives you enough time to not feel overwhelmed but also is a healthy option for your fish. 

This is just an estimate and is not always the right answer for every tank. Tanks with fewer fish or self-cleaning organisms can go longer periods of time without servicing. Tanks with larger amounts of fish and different tank models require more frequent cleaning, from once a week to every other day. Check the manual on your tank model to see if you need to be cleaning your tank with more regularity.

What exactly does servicing entail? These are mostly the necessary cleaning measures that you should take to prevent your tank from becoming dirty long-term. This includes changing water and siphoning the gravel, wiping the glass, and making sure that the filter is effectively cleaning your water supply. Make sure to research what other cleaning measures your tank and fish require. Some tanks have additional features that need to be cleaned, and some fish species require certain water types that require assistance from the filtration system.

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