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Saltwater Fish

Adding colorful, healthy fish to your aquarium is what really brings your saltwater experience to life. Our fish are brought in from all over the world by the most careful, health minded professionals in the hobby. We focus on exceeding the industry’s care and health guidelines when acquiring our fish. Many of our fish are hand inspected and selected by someone on our staff. Others, that are flown in from far away lands follow the shortest supply chain possible, meaning less stress for the fish. We also provide fish that are born and tank raised whenever possible. Call us now, or stop by so our friendly helpful staff can assist you in choosing wisely for your aquarium.  

Clown Fish

Clown Fish

Clown Fish always seem to be an aquarium favorite and we offer a wide selection to choose from including Gold Stripe Maroons, Designer Clowns and Cinnamon Clowns just to name a few. 

Purple Tang


Looking for a Tang? Come check out our inventory of Yellow Tangs, Hippo Tangs, Orange shoulder Tangs, ect. Don’t see what you like? We can special order a Tang for you!

Don't See What You're Looking For? Call Us!

We want your aquarium to be fun and rewarding! Aquatic Reef Design provides you detailed info on each fish you might be considering, such as the date your fish arrived and its favorite foods.

We have new fish and corals arriving several days each week. If we don’t have what you are looking for, we will be happy to special order it for you.

Exquisite Fairy Wrasse


Come check out our selection of Wrasse’s. From Fairy Wrasse to Six Line Wrasse and everything inbetween. Let us add some color to your aquarium!

Queen Angel


Emperor Angels, Blueface Angels, Queen Angels and so many more. We can special order any Angel, just ask us how!

Flame Angel

Dwarf Angels

Looking for a smaller angel to fit your aquarium? Check out our dwarf angel collection. Coral Beauty, Potters Angel, Lemon Peel and so many more. 

Copperband Butterfly

Butterfly Fish

Looking for a Butterfly? The Copperband, Raccoon, and Pearlscale are just a few that we offer. 

Lion Fish

Lion Fish

Looking for that fish for your predator tank? We have them in stock!

Orchid Dottyback


Looking for a smaller fish for your aquarium? The Dottyback comes in several different colors like the Bicolor, Neon, or Orchid Dottyback and many more. 

Blue Chromis


Chromis are a great schooling fish to add to your aquarium and come in different colors. 

Gold Head Goby


Needing a sand sifting Goby to clean the sand? An Engineer Goby can get under the rocks to keep it clean!


Rabbit Fish

Rabbit Fish provide a peaceful temperament to the tank and get along well with other fish. From the Foxface to the Two Barred Rabbitfish, we have a wide variety!

Springer Damsel


Looking for an aggressive fish or a fish to break in your tank? Damsels often stay small and come in several different colors.

Squareback Anthia


Anthias can be a hardy fish but do require food often in order to thrive in your aquarium. We carry many varieties, like the Lyretail and Squareback.



Looking for an Eel for your predator tank? We have plenty! They’re a fun addition to any tank.

Humu Humu Trigger


Looking for a Trigger for your tank? Come check out our collection of Triggers today!

Orange Spot Filefish

File Fish

Filefish are great for the average household aquarium and can help with algae. 


Puffers always seem to be a fan favorite! From the Dog Face Puffer to the Saddle Valentini Puffer.